Free Video School

Interested in making movies? Good. We’re ready to help you.

The wonderful thing about our approach to video at CAMGA is that you really can’t mess it up too badly. We take our teaching mission seriously, and we understand the power of video as a tool to share information about gardening and horticulture. CAMGA has invested in equipment that’s not only easy to use but also usable to create surprisingly sophisticated and quite complex video programs. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. If you’re reading this, it’s because you have very limited experience producing videos and need some help and encouragement to produce your first program. So let’s focus on that.

You could spend time learning to operate a camera, operate our digital audio recorder, and edit clips into a finished product, and in fact we’re always looking for CAMGA members ready to do that. But for most members, one of our videographers will take care of that. As a master gardener, we want you to be free to focus on being a great teacher. We’ll take care of all the “video stuff.”

Most of the suggestions we make here are inappropriate for commercial video production. We have tailored them for use at CAMGA and other small organizations like ours, where volunteers are producing video programs on a limited budget.

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