Ready To Submit Your Video Idea?

This form is a great way to get started. After you fill it out, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what you want your video to cover and what will be involved in producing it. When it’s finished and you press “Submit,” we’ll send your information to a CAMGA videographer, who will get in touch with you to move the process along.

About our audience. Our Stubborn Old Gardeners audience is made up primarily of people interested in gardening in Alabama, but we have audience members all over the world. Although they are neither gardening professionals nor experts, they are surprisingly savvy about the techniques we cover. They have a high tolerance for technical data if it’s practical for their gardening; we never talk down to them.

Like most online video audiences, they have a short attention span. One of our Stubborn Old Gardeners covenants is that no SOG video will last longer than four minutes. If we have more to say than we can cover in four minutes, we first see if we can compress it. If we cannot compress it, we narrow the subject.

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