Our videos are posted on You Tube under the channel Stubborn Old Gardeners.

We staff the Master Gardener Helpline March through August on Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. The helpline number is 1-877-252-4769.

Our calendar is located on our Yahoo group site and the Service Report web site is where we log our volunteer hours. You must be an intern or a member to gain access to these two sites.

Here is the Alabama Master Gardener web site and the ACES Alabama Master Gardener web site.

Here is the Elmore County Extension Office web site where we have our meetings.

At the ACES publication store and Extension Learning Network you can get information on a wide variety of horticulture topics and most are free to download.

Here are our CAMGA By-Laws and our Advanced MG Certification process.

Click HERE to like us on Facebook (must already have a Facebook account and be logged on).facebok-icon

To check where power, cable, gas, and water lines are located before you dig dial 811.

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