CAMGA’s Video Equipment

picture of equipment

CAMGA believes video is a great way to carry out our master gardener teaching function, so we’ve invested in some good quality video equipment.

We own a Canon Vixia HF R600 camcorder. Its 64 GB SD card holds several hours of HD video. It has two batteries, each of which lasts about two hours. You can read its owners manual here.

We also own a Zoom H2n digital audio recorder. This is a sweet little recorder with five onboard microphones plus an input for a lavalier microphone. It has a 32 GB SD card that will allow it to record several hours of great-sounding audio. You can read the manual for the Zoom H2n here. We have a tiny but serviceable JK Mic-J 044 lavalier microphone.

Rounding out our equipment package are a floor tripod and tabletop tripod, accessory cables, earbuds to monitor sound while you shoot, an SD card reader, and a case.

Update: These days we’re doing all our shooting on a smartphone, using a gimbal that stabilizes our shots. Anybody wanna buy a well-loved Canon Vixia HF R600?

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