The Central Alabama Master Gardener Association trains selected gardeners who can assist and extend the work of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System in our area. Members volunteer their time and expertise to support the Extension effort related to education and service. The Central Alabama Master Gardener Association (CAMGA) supports the Elmore County Extension Office. Most of our members live in Elmore County, but some of us hail from other nearby counties.

A couple of our new initiatives:

  • In partnership with each other, the Elmore County Extension Office and CAMGA are in the process of purchasing and installing a farming robot called Farmbot. We hope to use it together to enhance our basic agricultural research.
  • CAMGA has set up its own YouTube channel, Stubborn Old Gardeners. Videos on our Stubborn Old Gardeners channel will follow a consistent format and provide basic and advanced gardening instruction produced by CAMGA members and other master gardeners.

Visit our Contact Us page if you would like to email us.

Here is the location where we meet.

Here are the programs that will be presented at upcoming meetings.

Here are our current CAMGA bylaws.

Here is information on how to become a Master Gardener.

Here is information on how to become an Advanced Master Gardener.

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