Lee and Amanda Borden’s Slides on Climate Change

Lee and Amanda Borden presented to a CAMGA Lunch & Learn today on “Gardening with Climate Change.”  Here are their slides.

While watching, you may press the pause button or (using most browsers) your space bar whenever you wish to stop the video and jot down key information.

Here’s the flyer on “Backyard Solutions to Climate Change” Lee and Amanda handed out from the National Wildlife Federation

And here are Lee’s and Amanda’s other references:

“Drought-Tolerant Landscapes for Alabama,” ANR-1336, Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Fourth National Climate Assessment, Vol II (2018) – https://nca2018.globalchange.gov/

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“How Mosquitos Use Six Needles to Suck Your Blood” – https://www.pbs.org/video/deep-look-mosquitoes/

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