Amanda Borden’s Slides for “Love Your Vegetable Garden”

Amanda Borden presented to the Autauga County Master Gardeners meeting today on “Loving Your Vegetable Garden.” Here are her slides.

While watching, you may press the pause button or (using most browsers) your space bar whenever you wish to stop the video and jot down key information.

Vegetable Gardening Sources


The Alabama vegetable gardener (ANR-0479)

Backyard tomato production (ANR-302)

Basics of vegetable crop irrigation (ANR-1169)

Blossom-end rot in tomatoes: Causes and prevention (ANR-1059)

Crop rotation: An essential part of planning a home garden (ANR-1254)

Foliar diseases of tomatoes (ANR-71)

Garden bugs: Insect pest management in the home vegetable garden (ANR-1045)

How to properly prune your tomatoes (Fontenot, LSU Ag Center)

Identifying caterpillars in field, forage, and horticultural crops (ANR-1121)

Insecticides for organic commercial & backyard vegetable production (ANR-1428)

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Pruning fresh-market tomatoes (ANR-1060)

Raised bed gardening (ANR-1345)

Soil solarization for control of soil borne diseases, insects, and weeds (ANR-1213)

Soil temperature conditions for vegetable seed germination (ANR-1061)

Tomato disease identification (ANR-895)

Tomato insect management guide for Alabama (ANR-1191)

Tomato varieties: Growth habit and disease resistance (Glover & East)

Trap crops for managing insect pests (ANR-1430)

Virus diseases of tomato (ANR-836)

Wilt diseases of tomatoes (ANR-0797)

Worms on tomatoes (Smith, Alabama IPM Communicator)

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension:

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Cover crops for the Southeast

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