Lee’s and Amanda’s Slides on Fall Garden and Harvest

Here are the slides Lee and Amanda Borden used today for their Lunch & Learn presentation on Fall Garden and Harvest.

While watching, you may press the pause button or (using most browsers) your space bar whenever you wish to stop the video and jot down key information.

As promised, here’s some information about the insect barrier and frost blanket we use. The insect barrier is Agribon AG-15. It’s very thin (and easily ripped, so we have to be careful with it). It allows in 90% of the light. Agribon says it offers “some” frost protection, but we’ve never relied on that. Because it’s so flimsy, we almost never try to reuse it.

The material we use for a frost blanket is Agribon AG-30. It offers 4-6 degrees F of frost protection and allows in 70% of the light. We could have chosen a heavier fabric for up to 8 degrees of protection, but we would have lost more light. Our frost blanket is heavy and rugged enough to reuse year after year.

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